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Yume Family Manor
Name Yume Family Manor
General Information
Type Manor
Location Within Hama Town
Builder Kei Yume & Kiyoko Takara
Physical Specifications
Height Over 1 kilometer high
Width Several hundred meters
Affiliation Hama Town

Yume Manor (ゆめやしき, Yume Yashiki) was the primary residence of the Yume Clan in the Human World, said to be located within the illusive Hama Town. By Kiyoko's admission, the Family Home was conveniently located besides Seta Girls' Academy, with some people even claiming that the Academy grounds was supposedly their backyard.



The Yume Family Manor was protected by a contingent of artificially created Howaito-Enjeru. These Automatons were called the Kikai Mitsukai.

Current Residents

Former Residents


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