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"The common wish, manifested in a physical form."
Yorozuya Bōsennin
Race Zanpakutō
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Professional Status
Affiliation Yakougin
Team Yakougin
Partner Ryuu Koutei
Shikai Banmin
Bankai Banmin no Kogo

Yorozuya Bōsennin (望仙人万夜, Bōsennin Yorozuya; Lit. "Ten Thousand Nights, Normal Men Wish") otherwise known by very few people as Banmin (蛮民, Savage People) or Banmin no Kōgō (蛮民の神神, Gods of the Savage People), is a zanpakutō spirit whom was one of the first forged by Ōetsu Nimaiya, with his original wielder dying along with the first generation of the Gotei 13. He currently is part of the Yakougin, with only Ryuu Koutei knowing of his true identity, the other individuals being too young to comprehend his identity.



Yorozuya's General Appearance.

Yorozuya takes the appearance of a relatively middle-aged man who holds an impressive stature and relatively broad, as well as muscular physical build, the latter which was attained through his constant spars with his owner, and later, against Ryuu. Across his body he has various scars, the most notable being the one across his right eye, from the forehead downward. He is known particularly for his rather mild red hair, which used to be more prominent in his younger years, having dyed down with age. It is short, going down barely to his neck, and is kept split to his left, just above his noticeably amber eyes. His face is angular in structure, with pronounced facial features causing him to appear mildly handsome despite his age.

Currently, Yorozuya wears what appears to be a metallic visor over his eyes, showing only mild slits which he could see from, indicative of his enhanced sensory. The said visor had unexplained markings on it, appearing because of the emission of his magical energy, which took the form of white markings outlined in red. Aside from this, he wears a black kosode that went down to just below his waist, splitting at the end outwards. The kosode has a rose-like marking on its back, surrounded with white vine-like patterns. With this he wears black dress pants and red-heeled, black shoes.




Powers and Abilities



Behind the Scenes

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