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The One
Name The One
Kanji 神様
Romanji Kamisama
Race Deity
Age Ageless
Gender Female Personality
Eyes Red
Hair Blood Orange
Professional Status
Affiliation Itself, Eden
Occupation Deity
Base of Operations Eden, Own Dimension
Personal Status
Status Active
Signature Skill Kamiwaza

"Your people often call me through many names. I am known as God. As Allah. Only they can surpass me in terms of power and strength but they are so engrossed in their own worlds they rarely want to deal with me. I AM the Divine."
— The One

The One (神様, Kami-sama), alternatively referred to as Kami-sama,


The One is a genderless being, who is said to be omnipresent in it's communication and only reveals it's voice to others and it is presumed that it doesn't have a body of it's own. However, this being does embody two separate avatars for different situations, making it recognised by these forms alone when it is taking on an appearance, it should be noted that both of these avatars are female, although their voice tone is exactly the same as it's own.

It's first and most intimidating avatar is that of an adult female, who is very tall, has a moderately curved figure and posture that demands superiority, it is also noted that this avatar never opens it's eyes. It has very long red hair, going down all the way to it's calf muscles and it's let loose, only tied with a small headpiece like ornament on it's forehead and feathered wing like ornaments behind it. It's attire is simple but very prominent in it's design. Consisting primarily of a full-body, long sleeved black dress, with feathers protruding out of it's sleeves, and at the bottom of the dress. It is kept fitting with a belt of sorts at it's waist, which has a ornament that has a long dangling strap attached to it.

The One's second avatar is that of a small girl, who is petite in stature and has a childish appearance, with fierce red eyes despite it's non-intimidating appearance. This avatar has fiery red hair which is curled and goes down to her mid-verterbrae and has two clips keeping it stable on either side of it's head. It's attire consists of an almost orange shawl going just below her waist, with no visible undershirt, over this it wears a green mantle, which is slightly longer than the shawl itself. It wears white stockings that are thigh-length and brown ankle-length boots alongside this.



Alternate History



Powers and Abilities


  • (As an Astral Projection) ""
  • (Saying a statement) "I am a Creator of Life! But don't underestimate what you simply cannot understand. While I can create, I can also destroy, especially the likes of you!"
  • (Statement) "My first creations were crude and primitive, often left with severe side-effects that even I couldn't fix and I apologize for that. But that's all in the past! My skills as a creator had increased even more, creating the beings you see right before your eyes, the Kenmeiotome and the Tenshi."



  • The One, is the first article to warrant a Warning Label, for fear of having a religious backlash against various users.
  • This character is not to be used in RPs, and remains story-only.

Behind the Scenes



Literature References

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