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The Legendary Maidens was a term coined by Kami-sama and The Five Maidens to describe a special group of Kenmeiotome personally chosen by the Sixth Maiden Sylvia Aoi to wield a set of her Legendary Focuses.


† = Deceased


Members during the Great Guardian Purge.


Members during the War in Eden. All perished during the Final Battle with Lucifer.

  • Minerva (Formerly Legendary First)
  • Juno (Formerly Legendary Second)
  • Diana (Formerly Legendary Third)
  • Ceres (Formerly Legendary Fourth)
  • Vesta (Formerly Legendary Fifth)
  • Valerie Aozora (Associate/Legendary Sixth Candidate)

Legendary Focuses



  • Although Legendary Focus Wielders were referred to as The Legendary Maidens, they did not surpass The Five Maidens in terms of strength, power, and prestige. However, The Legendary Maidens were still held in high regard amongst the Kenmeiotome Population and were powerful in their own right.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Legendary Maidens is a reference and tribute to the Legendary Pandora, a term used to denote Individuals who had managed to transcend the Pandora (whom the Kenmeiotome were based on) in the manga, Freezing. In this case, The Legendary Maidens referred to those Kenmeiotome who were given right to wield the Legendary Focuses by Sixth Maiden Sylvia Aoi.
  • The Character Appearances of The Legendary Maidens were supposed to be based on a specific Pandora found in the Legendary Pandora.

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