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Shiryuu Hatenko
Name Shiryuu Hatenko
Kanji 支流破天
Romanji Hatenko Shiryuu
General Information
Race Soul
Age 19
Gender Female
Height 5'9"
Weight 124 lbs
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Salmon
Professional Information
Affiliation Xodus
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Occupation Member of Xodus
Previous Occupation Shinigami
Team Xodus
Partner Members of Xodus
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Education Shino Academy
Status Alive

Shiryuu Hatenko (支流破天, "Flow That Breaks the Heavens")



Shiryuu's Full Appearance

Shiryuu is an attractive young woman of average height, with long pink hair that she keeps tied back into a messy ponytail that extends past her waist, and matching pink eyes. Her breasts are also quite large which causes Haruki a lot of grief as he often gets caught eyeing her down, much to his embarrassment. Fittingly enough, along with Elize Narukami and Ryoko Sanada's breasts, Shiryuu is collectively referred to as the Six Enormous Mountains by Haruki.

Shiryuu wears a no-sleeve white shirt that splits into two loose, tail-like ends at her waist, which then extend down the sides of her legs. She also wears a red tie with two yellow lines around her collar and a short, red skirt with two yellow lines. Shiryuu can also be seen wearing red stockings, black shoes, red and black cuffs on her wrists and ankles, and black and red fingerless gloves. 





Powers and Abilities

Expert Hakuda Combatant: As shown during her multiple battles, Shiryuu is an accomplished hand-to-hand fighter. While she has difficulty fighting against people of the Master Class, such as Kyodaina Uzumaki, Shiryuu has still shown impressive skill in fighting unarmed and has been shown capable of dominating others in battle, easily evading attacks.

  • Rurinastrength


    Yukiakari (雪明り, "Light Reflected by Snow"): A distinctive technique that Shiryuu developed all on her own. Using her great speed, she is able to attack the opponent several times with her fists, leaving afterimages of her fists in the process. While she does not have monsterous levels of strength like Ryoko or Kotori Yatogami, Shiryuu possesses enough strength for this technique to do a considerable amount of damage. The impact of this technique was seen to leave a large crater in the wall behind the opponentn struck head-on, indicating that the force of this technique can travel through a medium and into another. 

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