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Sanshu no Jingi
Kanji 三種の神器
English Three Sacred Treasures
Item Statistics
Use Weapons
Created By Kazuma Nagareboshi
Used By Unknown
Yuuki Kaburagi

The Sanshu no Jingi (三種の神器, "Three Sacred Treasures") are mysterious concepts that exist within the records of Soul Society, long forgotten. It is said that the Three Imperial Regalia were based upon them, and each embody a certain aspect of a being. As for now, two have been revealed, with the last one hidden deep within an unspecified location.


  • OwnerAmakusa
  • NamesakeAmaterasu, the Sun Goddess (天照大神, "Amaterasu Ōmi Kami"Illuminating Heaven)


  • OwnerIkimoshi (current) Kaito Kurui (former)
  • NamesakeSusano'o, the Storm God (須佐之男命, "Susano'o no Mikoto"He With the Ability to Help By All Means)

Susanoo has been resealed in the form of Ikimoshi's Enhanced Powered Form. It's true form is the ZERO-ARMS: Susanoo (ゼロアームズ・須佐之, "Zeroāmuzu Susano'o"), one of the three Sanshu no Jingi. In it's true form, Susanoo takes the form of rather revealing battle armour. Ikimoshi's soul is bound to it, and in exchange for augmented strength, speed, durability, spiritual power, and an anti-spiriton function, Ikimoshi's soul protects the essence of Susanoo from receiving any harm. Unlike Tsumuyomi, Susanoo seems to be the most placid of the Jingi, as it has no negative effects on it's bearer.


  • OwnerYuuki Kaburagi
  • NamesakeTsukuyomi, the Moon God (月読命, "Tsukuyomi no Mikoto"Moon Reader)

Tsukuyomi has been resealed in the form of Mr. Cuttey, Yuuki's cleaver. It's true form is the ZERO-ARMS: Tsukuyomi (ゼロアームズ・月読, "Zeroāmuzu Tsukuyomi"), one of the three Sanshu no Jingi. In it's true form, Mr. Cuttey takes the form of a large elongated and elaborate katana that can that break apart to become armour and weapons. Even in it's 'fragmented' state, Tsukuyomi alters Yuuki's mental state and amplifies his emotions drastically.


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