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Roxanna Valentino
Name Roxanna Valentino
Kanji ロクサンナ ヴァれんてぃの
Romanji Rokusana Varentino
Race Pecador
Gender Female
Height 172 cm (5'8")
Weight 52 kg (113 lbs)
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Los Pecadores
Nueva Espada
Occupation Lust of Hearts
Team Los Pecadores
Base of Operations Ruins of Las Noches, Hueco Mundo
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Status Active
Signature Skill
Vinclis Cupido

Roxanna Valentino (ロクサンナ ヴァれんてぃの, Rokusana Varentino), also known as the Lust of Hearts (心の色情, Kokoro no Shikijō), is a member of the ancient demon race, Los Pecadores. Currently, she is the personification of Lust, and from the Second Level of Hell, Carnale.

Roxanna is a wicked and manipulative individual, using her feminine charm and looks to sway those around her. She proved to be instrumental in enslaving Captain Gan Ojima of the Gotei 13 to her will, and use him for yet unknown purposes. She has parted her Stigma with Nueva Espada, Uzkudun Llastra, and uses his massive frame and power to defend her and fight her battles.

She currently resides in the Bleach: War of Souls universe and serves as one of the main protagonists within this arc.


Roxanna is an exceptionally beautiful woman with a curvaceous form and well endowed. Though among the most evil of beings, her physical beauty is among her dangerous assets. With red eyes that shine like rubies and lips of crimson ever shaped in to a twisted smile, Roxanna has looks that could cause even the most determined and focused individual to lose breath in her presence. Her hair shines like black silk, long and straight that reaches down to the middle of her back, long bangs cut into a straight line just above her eyes. Her skin is so soft and fair that its a wonder how she could maintain such an appearance in a place such as Hell.

Complimenting her face, Roxanna also possesses a figure to die for. Slender, yet curvy where needed, her body is like a work of art, carefully sculpted and polished to preserve its beauty. As the embodiment of Lust, her physical assets can invoke such carnal desires that its hard to give in to such thoughts and temptations. She is not at all shy about how much of her body she reveals and Roxanna always wears form fitting outfits with plunging necklines that hug her body so. She's mainly seen wearing red dress gowns, either sequenced or shiny so that she ensures all eyes are on her. Over her ample chest, the dress opens in a long "V" shape that extends past her breasts and to the middle of her belly, exposing a great deal of cleavage in the process. The right side also has a high slit that exposes much of her leg and thigh. Accompanying her outfit is are a pair of long red gloves that extend past her elbows, red high heeled shoes and a red feather boa wrapped around her neck or hung loosely over her shoulders.


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