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"The sin of curiosity is what destroyed her."
Namida Gyouzen
Mistress of the Flashing Crimson (点滅紅の愛人 Tenmetsugu no Aijin)
Name Namida Gyouzen
Kanji 暁善涙
Romanji Gyouzen Namida
Race Kenmeiotome
Birthdate 26th September
Age Ageless
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown
Eyes Red
Hair Pink
Blood Type O-
Professional Status
Affiliation Inbouka's Forces
Previous Affiliation Eden
Occupation Corrupted Kenmeiotome
General within Inbouka's Forces
Previous Occupation Guardian of Eden
Team Inbouka's Forces Ambush Division
Previous Team Guardians of Eden
Partner Eimei Tokari
Previous Partner Ayane Emiko
Hime Senritsu
Kiyoko Takara
Yuu Hoshiko
Base of Operations Eden
Inbouka's Personal Dimension
Personal Status
Marital Status In a relationship with Eimei Tokari
Education Centuries of Knowledge
Status Deceased
Kaihou Tsukatō Taishū (使逃対終 Messenger's Flight to the End)

Namida Gyōzen (暁善涙 Gyouzen Namida "Lit"; Tears of the Virtuous Dawn) was a Kenmeiotome of notable power within Eden, and was regarded for her powerful abilities in the race's speed-enhancement technique, Shūreiho. Also a young member of her kind, she would be exposed to the "corruption" of several maidens, spiking her curiosity and thus let her have a voluntary transformation into a Corrupted Maiden.

Upon her coercion by Inbouka Magatta, she would be partnered with her lover, Eimei Tokari within the Ambush Division as a General within the Great Guardian Purge. She met her demise by the hands of Hime Senritsu and Ayane Emiko, along with her partner. Among the Kenmeiotome, she was regarded as Mistress of the Flashing Crimson (点滅紅の愛人 Tenmetsugu no Aijin) due to her lust for blood and tremendous speed.

Character Outline


Namida's Appearance upon Corruption.

Namida appeared to be a rather beautiful, though young Kenmeiotome, who displayed potential to grow to an unrivalled beauty. Her most distinct trait was her long, flowing, light pink hair, which was almost always tied in a single ponytail, with her bangs tied at the ends with red ribbons. Her eyes were also a similar color as well, and were noted to be quite intense in their look. She commonly wore an attire consisting of a traditional "sailor girl". Upon her corruption, Namida was noted to gain subtle, but noticeable changes in her appearance. Her eyes shone a fierce red, and her dressing style changed accordingly, with her preferring a black, sleeveless dress exposing much of her cleavage, and trailing down to her thighs.

Regarded as a woman of activity, Namida was constantly on the move, engaging herself in any activity she deemed worthy. As such, people around her were constantly dragged into her affairs, which ultimately caused her to become the lover of Eimei Tokari. Cheerful, kind and mischievous; Namida was also noted for her inquisitive nature, which ultimately caused her to become corrupt. Upon her corruption, Namida was noted to become extremely violent, having a lust for blood that few could rival. Her manner of speech became far more arrogant, and the only person she showed any kindness to was Eimei Tokari, with even Inbouka Magatta only drawing fear and submission out of her.



Powers and Abilities


Tsukatō Taishū (使逃対終 Messenger's Flight to the End)

Behind the Scenes

  • Her title, Mistress of the Flashing Crimson (点滅紅の愛人 Tenmetsugu no Aijin), was passed onto to Antoinette Rouge.
  • Namida's appearance is based off a crazed Yuno Gasai from the series, Mirai Nikki.

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