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"What we unveil today will mark a new age for the Quincy Empire! No longer will our Soldiers be held back by pain and fear! For they no longer know the feeling of it! We will decimate and vanquish the Vampiric Scum off the face of our World. At last, the Empire will attain victory and glory for the glorious Quincy Race!"
— A Quincy Council Member

The Maschine Initiative (マシン·イニシアティブ, Mashin Inishiatibu) was a program originally initiated by a technologically advanced World Power in the early stages of Human Society, prior to the invention of the Cuneiform Script and the official start of Recorded History. The cryptic World Power was rumoured to had ruled from behind the scenes for many milennia, having quietly guided, observed and protected the development of Human Society from otherworldly forces such as Hollows and the Reikon Kyuuban. And that Ancient Society many had come to highly regard was none other than the Atlantean Quincy Empire, the distant ancestors and predecessors of Modern Day Quincy.

Originally conceptualized and approved by the First Quincy Council, the main goal of the Maschine Initiative was ultimately the research and development of Immortal Cybernetic Warriors (ICW) and Autonomous Quincy Fighters (AQF) to help supplement and aid the Atlantean Quincy Military in their ongoing fight against the Supernatural. For all intents and purposes, the Council and many Key Military Figures had hoped that the products of the Maschine Initiative would eventually transcend the restrictive Human Physique and become the next generation of Quincy Soldats.



A rough outline and draft of the Maschine Initiative came into fruition during a time period where the burgeoning Atlantean Quincy Empire was at constant odds with the Supernatural Creatures of Hueco Mundo. Constant battles and needless casualties had signicifantly diminished the Quincy Military. Having already reached a considerable technological advantage that even surpassed Soul Society and Human Standards

Despite the ambiguity and morality issues the Initiative presented, it was implemented shortly after a brief yet disastrous encounter with a small army of Adjuchas-class Hollows led by a single Vasto Lorde-class Hollow.






  • Ironically, both the Fushi Coven and the Ancient Quincy Empire both guided, observed, and protected Humanity from the Supernatural. The only difference being that the two forces each held individual beliefs and morals on the subject matter.

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