Absolute Cleavage: Her outfit during her time as the Tenkahatei ruler invoked this.

A Fate Worse Than Death: It is unknown if she's ever inflicted this on anyone prior to the series, but Word of God confirms Lamia is capable of simulating the common perception of Hell very well with her own flame-based abilities.

Boobs of Steel: A chest larger than her own child's; Darkrai confirms Lamia was the strongest Tenkahatei and probably one of the strongest characters in Rasenhiden.

Does Not Like Shoes: Her Zettai Ryouiki are literally the only thing on her feet, besides nail polish. 

Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Just like her child, Lamia pulls this off well.

Gender Bender: While unconfirmed, considering they share a species, it is entirely possible, though unlikely given her name, that Lamia was also male at one point like her son.


Horned Humanoid: Lamia, unlike Ahatake, possesses two very large horns on her head. This trait is found only in the Tenkahatei leaders, and also only in purebloods. 

Irony: Lamia is named for a demon that devoured her own children, but, this Lamia's defining trait is that she was a caring mother; given how little (read: nothing) Ahatake knew about her past, this is all he remembers her as, the mother who loved her family.

More Dangerous Than The Male: While it's unknown how much, Darkrai explicitly states Lamia was stronger than Ahatake's father.

  • This applies to Lamia's species in general; Tenkahatei women are superior to the males, and also rule over the species.


Royals Who Actually Do Something: Don't let her prim and proper appearance fool you; pay more attention to Lamia's large horns than her large tits, this is a woman who has led her species into war in the past, both against her own kind and against others to protect her species. She is not to be trifled with.

She's Got Legs: And Darkrai already loves showing them off.

Show Some Leg: A Pimped-Out Dress that shows plenty of this. 


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