Lamia Kurosaki

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Lamia Kurosaki
Name Lamia Kurosaki
Kanji くろさき ラみあ
Romaji Kurosaki Ramia
Race Yōkai (Tenkahatei)
Birthday August 17
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 150lbs
Eyes Raven
Hair Raven
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Kurosaki Family
Previous Affiliation unknown group
Occupation Wanderer
Previous Occupation Student
Team None
Previous Team none
Partner none
Previous Partner none
Base of Operations Various
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives None
Education Unknown
Status Deceased
Signature Skill Demonic Abilities

Lamia Kurosaki (くろさき ラみあ Kurosaki Ramia) was a Yōkai, specifically a Tenkahatei, and as such, a demon of fire. The former matriarch of the clan, she eventually abdicated the position back to her mother when she fell in love with a former Shinigami Captain, and they decided to reside in the human world together in Gigai. She is the mother of Ahatake Kurosaki, and as such, the source of his demon blood.


Lamia Kurosaki

Lamia's full appearance

Lamia's appearance is that of a woman, with her most noticeable feature being the two large horns protruding from the sides of her head and pointing upwards. Upon her head is a band which separates her hair, framing her bangs from her hair below the band. Worn upon her forehead is a small circular symbol with a small dot on the inside and surrounded by several dots around the top. Around her neck is tied a small light-colored strap.

Lamia's attire consists of a very revealing leopard-printed kimono, bearing the decorative marks on her shoulders. The kimono is wrapped around her torso with a thick, decorative ribbon that ties behind her back and her outfit is complemented by thigh-high socks that reveal her heels and toes.


Not much is known about Lamia's personality as of the current series; what is known, however, is that she was a capable ruler and loving mother. The Tenkahatei populace remember Lamia's few centuries as the matriarch of the species as she was a powerful leader who kept those under her in line; 'ruling with an iron fist' is the common phrase. Far from tyrannical, she led the yōkai firmly, while keeping the populace orderly, she encouraged the freedom of her people. Even soldiers under her employ were treated properly. However, good does not equal soft, and Lamia has led her people into war, especially during instances of civil war between her species, where Lamia showed her people how terrifying she can truly be when pushed to her limit.

As a mother, Ahatake has only fond memories of Lamia; it appears she wanted children very badly. Ahatake, as a child, was definitely a "mama's boy", as he could simply rush to her and she would make anything better. This isn't to say she spoiled him, Ahatake has noted when his mother got angry with him, it was often terrifying, and even his dad would slip out of the house during times where she would explode with frustration. If anything, Lamia was a wonderful mother and wife, who very much valued her time with her family.


Powers & Abilities


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