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Kanji 虎ねじ
English Tiger Drill
Technique Statistics
Type Hakuda
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Signature Technique Of Haruki Satonaka

Kosen (虎ねじ, Tiger Drill) is a Hakuda technique created by Haruki Satonaka.


By thrusting his body forward, Haruki is able to cause all of his body weight and the very force of his charge to flow into the tip of his blade. In doing so, the destructive force and the power of the simple initial technique is multiplied several times over, allowing the blade to take on the appearance of a spinning drill. This technique is incredibly potent as it is able to pierce through most defenses based on its design alone, although it builds in power with the more speed and arm strength Haruki builds up during its use. By combining this technique with his Yuengiri training, Haruki is able to develop deviations, allowing him to catch opponents fatally off-guard in the process. 

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