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"I was wielded ever since Mankind could wage War. Great Empires fought with me at its helm, using the great power I entailed to conquer kingdoms, empires, lands, and nations. Over the course of those years, my appearance changed with each new hand, taking on recognizable forms they could be comfortable with or what they wanted me to be. My few names ranged from Ruyi Jingu Bang, Thuan Thien, Durandal, Sword of Attila and Excalibur. I am a Great One and in order to wield me, you must prove your worth, your resolve, and your will to prevail. "
— Kenichi

Name Kenichi
Kanji 健一
Type Combat-Orientated
Culture Kenmeiotome
Creation Prior to Great Guardian Purge
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Owners Inbouka Magatta (Formerly)

Various Rulers of Humanity (Deceased)
Anyone deemed Worthy

Base of Operations Within Focus

Kenichi (健一, literally meaning Strong, Healthy First (son)) was the name given to an archaic and powerful combat-orientated Focus who took on a male personality and gained a reputation of being a fierce and enigmatic artifact that demanded respect from anyone who would wield it, making it difficult for anyone who wished for the power Kenichi entailed. Kenichi's former and true name was Daiou (だいおう, literally meaning Great King) but abandoned it for Kenichi, possibly wishing to make an identity and a name for itself on its own. However, in Kenmeiotome society and to those who had made the Focus's acquaintance, it was commonly more known by its moniker the Manifested Sentient (あらわれうじょう, Araware-Ujou).

Originally crafted by the Sixth Kenmeiotome Sylvia Aoi during one of their Golden Ages of Prosperity for times of war, it was eventually gifted to Inbouka Magatta by Yuu Hoshiko as a sign of trust and love but was later lost along with other combat-styled Focuses during his rampage through Eden. As it turned out, he was transported to the World of the Living by a dying Maiden, placing a spell that only beings with a righteous cause and will can successfully wield their weapons of war. From that point on, Kenichi was wield by various important figures of history,




Powers and Abilities

Immense Wisdom Power



Daiou (だいおう, literally meaning Great King)



  • Kenichi's Title, Great King Daiou, is a bit of a pun; Daiou also stands for Great King. When properly translated, Kenichi's Title means Great King Great King.

Behind the Scenes



Literature References

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