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Kōhai Tochi
Kanji 荒廃土地
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Kōhai Tochi (荒廃土地, Japanese for Blighted Land) is a spiritual realm home to some of the most wanted and violent criminals spanning the spiritual world. The realm was once abadoned after an incident involving the Dangai Precipice World and has since become a nest of scum and villainy. The realm is large and expansive, with the single city being almost as large as the Seireitei; with a large amount of wasteland outside the expanse of the city.


The realm is accessed through the the deepest reaches of the Dangai, or by a three-month journey from Soul Society by boat across the spiritual seas seperating the two realms. The sky is predominately dark and murky, a consequence of the incident that led to its abandonement centuries before.

Due to the effects of the Dangai seeping into the realm, it is impossible for one to release either the Shikai or Bankai release of their Zanpakutō as such an action would cause them to be trapped by the Kōryū (拘流, Wresting Flow). Arrancar releases - or ones of similar nature - are excempt, though why is currently unknown. Human powers, such as Fullbring, Helix Daggers and Quincy powers can be used safely and without any drawbacks, however.

The City

The city is designed with the same manner as that of the Soul Society's Seireitei, in that it appears to be constructed with a design similar to that of a Japanese Castle called a shiro, only it has no wall surrounding it. The buildings present appear in the fashion of feudal Japan, as they mostly look to be made of stone and wood, when in fact it is a weaker form of Sekkiseki stone, as it does not guard against the forces of the Dangai, but it still prevents most other spiritual forces from breeching it.

The Warrens

The slums and generally the most poor and lawless areas of the various districts scattered throughout the city. Each Warren is home mostly to young children and adolescents who remain in small groups called guilds. Trash lines the streets, rats run wild and disease is writhe. The houses are cramped and large, some reaching five stories high and hold multiple families per single hovel.

Merchant's Quarter

A slight improvement over the Warrens though not by much. The houses are the same multi-story messes seen throughout Kōhai Tochi, though the bottom floor is generally made of cheap stone to add to the foundation of the wooden hovels built above. Here the merchant clans sell their various goods and wares, each having personal guards to prevent thievery from the children in the Warrens or from their rivals.

Diamond Quarter

The Surrounding Wastelands

The wastelands are akin to the Rukongai of the Soul Society in terms of size, but there the majority of the similarities end. This area is barren and mostly devoid of life with the exception of plants and small animals living in the ground or among the rocks. Anyone attempting to enter without prior knowledge through the Dangai end up coming out in the wastelands, which usually take in itself anything between one day or twenty to traverse, depending on your location.

Collective Vices

Main Article - Collective Vices.

The Collective Vices (集団悪徳, Shūdan Akutoku) use Kōhai Tochi as their base of operations, with almost every citizen of the spiritual realm being affiliated with the group in some shape or form. Though because power isn't held by a single individual, the citizens are split into factions that follow one particular member of the group. This often leads to turf wars throughout the city, mainly for control of trade routes into the city.


Averian's Faction

The faction that follows Averian are known to be very hard-line in their dealings with other factions and even its own members. They aren't above kidnapping important individuals to demand ransom from the nobles of Soul Society, nor would they hesitate to murder woman or children. They also double as experienced assassins, known for taking on any job. While under the effects of his amnesia, Dastan Shiba was aligned with this faction.

Known Members
Member Signature Skill Former Member
Gengetsu Reikon Kyuuban Powers Dastan
Zenmetsu Arrancar Powers Unknown
Saigai Arrancar Powers Unknown

Shadōkingu's Faction

Those who follow the Shadōkingu are known for being moderate, at least in comparison to Averian's crew. They are particularly well known for their dealings in the field of drugs, especially the potent and largely sought-after Reiyaku (霊薬, Spiritual Drug), due to its potency and profit. They are commonly branded with the Shirushi so the Shadōkingu can control them and prevent them betraying him. The Imawashī make up a large number of this faction, and are some of its most feared members.

Known Members
Member Signature Skill Former Member
Dīrādīrā Bakkōtō Unknown
Yajuu Shinigami, Homunculus and Shirushi Akiye
Kyū Senshi Shinigami & Shirushi Powers Unknown
Iba Ikari Shinigami & Shirushi Powers Unknown
Shigeru Yuudai Excavado & Shirushi Powers Unknown

Inai's Faction

The members under Inai Satonaka's rule are known to be quite secretive, even to the point of none of them being seen, though many have been named. They are collectively known as the Masukage, as they are almost ninja-esque, assassinating everyone and anyone who gets in their leader's way.

Known Members
Member Helix Dagger
Enma Shinsei Viraux Patrimoine
Adelheid Saku Arc De Vengeance
Ryouta Saburo Mer des Sanguins

Sena's Faction

Sena Kyosai's faction consists mainly of rogue shinigami that seek revenge on someone who hurt them somehow or have crossed them. In his faction are also a number of humans, including Apollo Myberg, who betrayed his friends in Hama Town in order to gain greater strength and Asatoraru Kaigan who is a Fullbringer who seeks to destroy humanity in itself. It was thought that this faction was initially led by Shori Keihatsu, but it was just a ruse set in place while Sena left to recruit more people for his faction.

Known Members
Member Zanpakutō
Inshu Senshi Kankyō
Apollo Myberg Stern Schnepfe
Akira Cagali Seiza
Luka Kagamine Gen'ei no ōjo
Asutoraru Kaigan Counter Force (Fullbring)
Shori Keihatsu Nise Yoake
Kiriko Matsumoto Kataomoi

Sabishii Kunsha's Faction

Sabishii's faction consists of only Shinigami. All of which are rather mysterious but very powerful, nonetheless. His faction consists of three fighters, one female and two males. Because of the fact that a Zanpakutō's release can't be used in this world, all of the Shinigami in this faction are more powerful than the average fighter. Him and his faction act as a guards to rebel warriors whom have been captured. The prisoners captured inside here vary from human to demon, but all include people who would rather die than join the Vices. As for the prison, it is a large citadel that seems to be rather unguarded at times but is actually heavily protected and can be easy to enter, but nearly impossible to escape. It is protected by large stone beacon like towers which oversee most of Kōhai Tochi. All the while the stone their is made up of weaker Sekkiseki stone. He and his faction is proclaimed deceased following the destruction of the prison and rescue of Akiye.

Known Members
Member Zanpakutō Former Members
Katashi Nakamaru More to Come Unknown
Akihiro Sato More to Come More to Come
Izumi More to Come More to Come

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