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Jizo Bosatsu
Race Zanpakuto Spirit
Gender Female
Height 6'4"
Professional Status
Partner Morgiana Kurokami
Shikai Jizo Bosatsu

Jizo Bosatsu (地藏菩萨, Vast Patience and Salvation From Suffering) is the name of Morgiana Kurokami's Zanpakuto.



Jizo Bosatsu's General Appearance

Jizo Bosatsu has the appearance of a young girl with long blonde colored hair and wears a short yukata with elaborate flowery decorations on the ends of the sleeves and on the kimono itself. The sleeves of the yukata are very long, much longer than her arms, in which she conceals her three-bladed claws that she has in place instead of actual hands.

Around Jizo Bosatsu's waist is a regular sash tied around with a long tassle. She wears traditional Japanese flats, with a small ball on the toes while her hat appears to resemble the Imperial headwear of a member of Nobility.



Powers and Abilities

Immense Strength:



Jizo Bosatsu's Shikai

Jizo Bosatsu (地藏菩萨, Vast Patience and Salvation From Suffering):

Shikai: Released with the command "Cripple". Upon activation, Jizo Bosatsu transforms into a slender black katana with an incredibly sharpened edge. This allows Morgiana to move quickly and cleave through almost any enemy with ease and precision.

Shikai Special Ability: Upon activation, Jizo Bosatsu allows Morgiana to store any individual that she has cut down into her blade and summon them later. Oddly enough, Jizo Bosatsu is not limited to those that Morgiana slays, but it as one of the Gods of Death, it allows Morgiana to pull a soul back from the beyond and bind it to any physical object. In doing so, the object that has a soul binded to it takes on the physical appearance of the individual's soul that has been binded. Although, when binding a soul of one she that she has slain to physical plain, Jizo Bosatsu's energies gathers parts of the localized deceased in order to form a fully functioning body. Those brought back by Jizo Bosatsu retain access to any and all abilities that they possesed in life and also possess the capability to learn from their experiences when they are summoned, sharing their knowledge with the others under Morgiana's control. These copies have and identical mindset, identical strengths and weaknesses, and even identical power releases to the originals. Literally they are a perfect copy in both appearance and mental ability. The only difference is that those that are brought back with Jizo Bosatsu's power have eyes that are solid black and they have a seal located somewhere on their body. When one of the resurrected individuals were to be killed in battle they will not die, but will simply break up into reishi and return to Jizo Bosatsu and will be unusable until the next release. However, unlike Inai's zanpakuto, Jizo Bosatsu only allows Morgiana to maintain eight individuals at a time.

Bankai: Not Yet Achieved

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