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Sairento Kotei
Kanji 寂歩
English Silent Stride
Technique Statistics
Type Movement
Used By
Signature Technique Of Naibu Shizuka

Jakuho (寂歩, Silent Stride) is a method of near instantaneous high-speed movement invented and first utilized by Naibu Shizuka in order to replace his lost skills in Flash Steps. Unlike Shinigami Shunpo, which produces a swishing sound or an Arrancar's Sonído which produces a static quality, the Jakuho is completely silent, hence its name.


Despite being "created" by Naibu the Jakuho isn't a technique which requires teaching in order to use. Most of the later practitioners did so under their own merit, as was the case with the Sentōkijin, as the technique is highly instinctual with many variations between users.

Users of Jakuho are typically individuals with large degree's of physical strength at their disposal, using their raw unhindered speed as the one factor effecting the speed they exhibit, without the "stepping" of Shunpo, employing only a single stride to create the same result. The technique is silent in its execution, making it a favorite among the more physically gifted of the Ryū Order. Mastery is determined through ones own self-discipline, as physical training is required to utilize the technique properly, with diminishing skills coming from age, a weakened physical condition such as flue or diseases; and even distraction.

Despite this, usage of Jakuho is often known for its ability to allow skilled practitioners the ability to move huge distances in the blink of an eye as if by teleportation, with merely a single "stride". Many who have encountered it, such as Meian Shiba and Shūhen Kōhai, have described it as the pinnacle of physical movement technique.

Known Practitioners

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