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Name Isshuku
Kanji いっしゅく
Race Reikon Kyuuban (Elder)
Age Ageless
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 1514 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Red
Professional Status
Affiliation 973331 Katsumi Scarlet

195876 Fushi Coven

Occupation Co-Leader of the Reikon Kyuuban Army
Base of Operations World of the Living
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Centuries of Knowledge
Status Sealed
Kyūketsuki Sutēji
Release Name Revelation (Bakuro, ばくろ)

"Hardly anyone has heard Isshuku speak sans me; all he did in anyone else's presence were mere gestures. And cause of that, many had wondered how he could lead armies without a single word. Have you ever seen Isshuku outside that thing? Many had also believed that there was no man underneath that armour, just an earth-bound spirit."
Katsumi Scarlet's comments on Isshuku

Isshuku (いっしゅく, literally meaning Armoured Warrior), better known by his official title of Sword Saint of Blood (血の剣聖, Chi no Kensei) was part of an ancient and powerful race of elusive spiritual entities commonly referred to as the Reikon Kyuuban.


— Isshuku


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