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Kanji 地獄聖人鎧 (インシグニス)
English Latin for "Coat of Arms"
Japanese for "Hell Saint Armor"
Technique Statistics
Type Pecador Defensive Technique
Used By Los Pecadores

Insigniis (地獄聖人鎧 (インシグニス) Insigunisu; Latin for "Coat of Arms"; Japanese for "Hell Saint Armor") is the name given to the defensive technique Los Pecadores are exclusively capable of using.


A Pecador is known to be naturally tougher and more resilient than most residents in Hell, and this resistance is further augmented through the use of Insigniis. Because of their naturally high spiritual power, a Pecador can use it to create a secondary layer of super condensed Reiryoku that acts as a suit of armor that is strong enough to block bladed weapons without sustaining any visible signs of injury. This technique can also be used to absorb impact from falling or being propelled through structures. Similar to an Arrancar's Hierro, the strength of an individual's Insigniis is entirely proportional to the potency of their Reiryoku.


Insigniis is entirely possible because of a Pecador's incredible level of spiritual power and how they can manipulate that power for defensive means. First, a Pecador takes a portion of their Reiryoku, condensing it so much that it creates a thin and highly durable layer of spirit particles that can effectively negate the attack power of anything directed at him. To overcome such a strong defense, the attacker must possess tremendous spiritual pressure that is transferred through their attack, such as increasing the force of a physical attack, or the cutting power of a bladed weapon. It appears that Insigniis is a passive technique, constantly active due to their power and can be further enhanced through conscious raising of their spiritual pressure.

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