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"Ah dear, look at you all. Flocking around like nothing more than a flock of frightened birds. It is in times like these where we take a deep breath, and look at the scenery around us. Satisfied? Good. Keep your focus, you'll need it the entire time we're here."
— Hime giving commands during the Great Guardian Purge

"The Queen at her finest."
Hime Senritsu
Name Hime Senritsu
Kanji 千律 姫
Romanji Senritsu Hime
Race Kenmeiotome
Age Ageless
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Eyes Maroon
Hair Green
Professional Status
Affiliation The Five Maidens
Seta Girls' Academy
Previous Affiliation Guardians of Eden(Loosely)
Occupation Teacher at Seta Girls' Academy
Base of Operations Hama Town
Seta Girls' Academy
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Self-Taught
Status Active

Hime Senritsu (千律 姫 Senritsu Hime Lit. Thousand Laws Princess) is an ageless Kenmeiotome and the youngest out of The Five Maidens despite her relatively elderly appearance, which is a product of her own willingness. Among Eden, she is quite heavily regarded as Mother Nature (大自然 Daishizen); as a result of her contributions to the current landscape and foundation of Eden's beauty. Likewise, she was also heavily regarded as an exceptional caretaker of other individuals, being one of the foremost individuals that others went to for therapy.

Following the closure of the Great Guardian Purge, in which she took a leading role in, Hime was extensively involved in the reconstruction of Eden to its former glory. Afterwards, she went into hiding temporarily in the Human World, before returning in an unnamed period of time. At the present time, she is part of the many staff members at Seta Girls' Academy, acting as a teacher for Geography, Home Economics and is also the running head of the extra-curricular Gardening activities, an activity many have taken part in.





Powers and Abilities

Immense Wisdom Power: Though she boasts a remarkably high level of Wisdom in comparison to the younger individuals of her race, Hime is noted to have a relatively low abundance of power when weighted against her elder sisters. Later, Kami-sama noted that Hime was made with a slightly different purpose in mind, particularly in regards to how she exerted and manipulated her own powers. From what was noted, and later explained by Hime, her power constantly worked in tandem with the environment. Based on the environment around her, Hime could absorb and release Wisdom thanks to her extreme connection to nature. Though this was advantageous in the fact that nobody could exactly decipher her energy signature properly, it was also rather disadvantageous due to being able to rather easily using simple logic-based deduction to find out Hime's current mood and level of power, based upon the nature that surrounds her. As a result of this, Hime generally attempts to be in a relatively neutral disposition, evident by the way she acts regal and somewhat passive around others. When not used in such a state, Hime's powers are actually quite overwhelming; this was shown particularly in the Great Guardian Purge, where her simple aura was enough to disable a number of Fallen Kenmeiotome, before effortlessly subduing them through her dominance over nature. Even the likes of Namida Gyouzen and Eimei Tokari fell flat in the face of Hime's superior power.

Wisdom-Based Abilities

Kenmei Kōsaku Expertise

Complete Dominance over Nature




Behind the Scenes


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