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Hell Contract (地獄契約, jigokukeiyaku) is the term used to describe the process of a spiritual being signing a contract with Hell by offering a portion of their power to the Kushanāda and in return they gain an immense power boost as well as unique abilities such as summoning of the Kushanāda as well as Kushanāda-like powers such as their intangibility while traversing hell's interior. Currently the only known being to to use this process is Shirosuke Satonaka, former captain of the Ninth Division.

Powers Granted

Intangibility: While inside the depths of Hell, these individuals with the contracts are able to pass through any and all structures in this realm as if they were not even there.

Hell Chain Casting and Unsealing: They are allowed to bind any soul with Hell Chain as well as free imprisoned Togabito freeing them permanently from hell.

Kushanāda Summoning: Since these individuals are bonded with the Kushanāda, they respond as if they are allies and as such the individual can summon as many they want when needed.

Skull-Clad Form: By merging with Kushanāda, the user is able to call on the power of the Skull-Clad state increasing their powers.

Hell's Grace: This suicide attack pours all of the users energy into one central point, showing as a magnificent golden aura surrounding them. After charging this last ditch technique they absorb the magnified energy field, which gives them a few seconds to close any gap between them and their target, after this they release the stored energy, creating a domed explosion around them and their target, which due to the magnitude of the attack the user is left as a stone shell of their former selves, and nothing short of the Ōin or something of equal power can restore them to life. The resulting explosion leaves a large crater as it decimates all in the vicinity of 5 meters.


To gain a contract with hell one must willingly offer up a portion of their spiritual energy to the Kushanāda, showing they mean no harm and only wish to keep the peace in hell. As such due to this process most Togabito don't know about this as they would never give up their powers. After paying the toll the Kushanāda that was paid dissolves and fuses with the one who paid the toll granting them a status similar to that of the Kushanāda. However this can also be revoked if one uses it for personal gain or does an act that condemns them to hell, or in the case of a Togabito that has redeemed themselves condemns them back to hell, the contract will be revoked and instant death awaits them, as well the barring from obtaining the state again.

Known Contract Makers

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