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"There was once a young Guardian by the name of Inbouka, who was once a close friend of my predecessor until he fell from grace and purged Eden of its once glorious protectors, caused wide-spread destruction and killed many of my kinspeople. This tragic event will be forever etched into our hearts."
Kiyoko Takara describing the event.

Great Guardian Purge
Inbouka Magatta, beginning the extermination of the Guardians
Date Undocumented
Location Eden
Result Eradication of the Guardians of Eden

Near-Extinction of the Tenshi


Guardians of Eden

Inbouka Magatta's Army

Casualties and losses
3/4 of Tenshi Population

Entire Guardian Order

95% of Inbouka's Army

The Great Guardian Purge, later known as Inbouka's Purge, referred to the efforts made by Chief Guardian Inbouka Magatta to completely exterminate the organization after coming upon a horrifying revelation from his lover, Yuu Hoshiko.

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