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Dark Council

(From Left-Right) Elder Zaltrix, Elder Noctus, and Elder Mavis

Name Dark Council
Kanji ダークカウンシル
Romanji Dāku Kaunshiru
Organizational Information
Leader(s) Elder Zaltrix

Elder Noctus
Elder Mavis

Founder(s) Katsumi Scarlet
Headquarters World of the Living
Affiliation Reikon Kyuuban
Purpose Secondary Ruling Body of the Fushi Coven
Katsumi Scarlet: "I leave you, the Dark Council, to rule the Fushi Coven, while I enter my sleep. Can I trust you?"
Elder Zaltrix: "It is, what you wish my Queen? I shall deliver. We promise to abide by your demands and await your eventual awakening."
―Queen Katsumi to Elder Zaltrix about the Dark Council's Ascension to Rule

The Dark Council, also known simply as the Elder Council was the secondary ruling body of the Fushi Coven during Katsumi Scarlet's reign, who eventually succeeded the more revered Harbringers after their unfortunate demise during the infamous Blood War.

The Dark Council consisted of a group of three charismatic and powerful surviving Elders personally chosen by Katsumi Scarlet. After Katsumi's abdication of her Queen status, the Dark Council took up responsibility of leading the Fushi Coven and enforcing Reikon Laws.




Council Era

Katsumi's Return & Subsequent Dissolution


Elder Zaltrix

Elder Noctus

Elder Mavis




  • The Dark Council was often looked with distaste and chagrin, as many Reikon Kyuuban had believed them to be one of the primary causes for the downfall of the Fushi Coven Civilization and overall waning of Reikon Kyuuban Society. It wasn't until the appointment of Myst and the return of Katsumi Scarlet would they attain their formerly lost power.

Behind the Scenes


Literature References

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