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Advanced Spear Unit
Advanced Spear Unit
Name Advanced Spear Unit
Kanji 高度槍単位
Romanji Kōdo Yari Tan'i
Leader(s) Indra Taira
Founder(s) Tadashi Kori
Headquarters Seireitei
Affiliation Soul Society, Ryū Order 3rd Division
Purpose Final Destruction of Averian's Army

The Advanced Spear Unit (高度槍単位, Kōdo Yari Tan'i) is a specialized branch of the 11th Division whose mission is the final destruction of Averian's Army. The unit is headed by Indra Taira.


The Advanced Spear Unit came into being as a specialized combat division operating under the command of Tadashi Kori and Sojiro Kori, which began operating in the waning months of the war with Averian and his army. Its members were made up of both Shinigami from the Gotei 13 and Visored from the Ryū Order.

Following Averian's death at the hands of Kusaka Kori the division began to unravel, until only the Shinigami under Tadashi's command remained. Averian's army remained powerful however, as Saburo Ryū had taken over from his departed master. Realizing a committed force was needed Tadashi officially constructed the unit as the "fourth unit" of Soul Society's military, though it has never been recognized as such due to its close linkage with the 11th Division.

Tadashi gathered the squad and trained them personally over a ten-year period. The result was a specialized fighting force made up of the 11th Divisions strongest men and women, as well as those from other divisions Tadashi felt made the cut. The unit was headed by Indra -- a veteran of the war and a skilled instructor.





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