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ATTENTION: This page contains information on the 1st Division (Untold Stories), a fictional organization that is no way tied to any existing official story or fan-made arcs. The content on this page is completely fan-made, with elements pulled as it provides the basis for the Gotei 13 and sharing history between A Father's Tale and War of Souls story arcs. These arcs deviate from the current Bleach storyline and as such exists within its own alternate universes.
First Division
Title 1st Division
Kanji 一番隊
Romaji Ichiban-tai
Captain Yoshirō Nobuyuki
Lieutenant Hachiro Yamada
Allied Organisation None
Division Specialty N/A
Insignia Chrysanthemums
Insignia Signifies Truth and Innocence
Division Color Deep Purple

The First Division (一番隊, ichiban-tai; "Squad 1" in the English Dub) is one of the divisions contained within the Gotei 13. It is regarding as the commanding division, with its captain assuming the title of Captain-Commander, the ruling figure over the entire organization.

During A Father's Tale, Captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto is the first Captain-Commander at the time, being its founding member. His first lieutenant is Chōjirō Sasakibe. This arc takes place 500 years prior to the current Bleach storyline during the time of the Gotei's formation and deviates from it to create a parallel universe.

During Bleach: War of Souls, the current Captain is Yoshirō Nobuyuki, as well as acting Captain-Commander at the time. His first lieutenant is Hachiro Yamada. This arc takes place nearly 1000 years after the current Bleach storyline and deviates from it to create a parallel universe after a cataclysmic event that nearly wiped out the human race.


Under Captain-Commander Yamamoto, the 1st Division followed the traditional organization of a Gotei 13 Division, with Chōjirō; however, when Shunsui Kyōraku took over, he assigned two lieutenants: Genshirō Okikiba, the lieutenant in charge of practical matters; and Nanao Ise, the lieutenant with the task of following him. Under Captain Yoshirō, he had no official lieutenant and instead defaulted to Hachiro to serve as his acting lieutenant, with captains Takehiko Satō and Tamaki Miura serving as his advisors.

Special Duties

No special duties have been noted for the 1st Division. The First Division is ranked highest among the 13 Divisions. Even subordinate members of the First Division are considered model Shinigami. Emergencies must be dealt with swiftly; quick decisions and quick actions are essential. The division is able to ascertain a situation and mobilize quickly even before an order is issued. That is the true value of the First Division.


Like all the other barracks, the 1st Division Barracks house the offices and living quarters of the Shinigami of the 1st Division. In addition, due to the 1st Division being the division of the Captain-Commander, the barracks hosts the assembly hall where the captains gather for their meeting. The barracks also has a room set aside for lieutenants' meeting. The Captain-Commander's office within the barracks commands a wide, sweeping view of Seireitei.

Directly underneath the division's barracks lies the Central Great Underground Prison.

Current Members

1st Division
Rank Name In Office Position Status
Captain Yoshirō Nobuyuki 2750 A.D. - Current Filled
Lieutenant Hachiro Yamada 2990 A.D. - Current Filled

Former Members

1st Division
Rank Name In Office Position Status
Captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto 1002 A.D. - 2003 A.D. Deceased
Captain Shunsui Kyōraku 2003 A.D. - ? Deceased
Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe ? - 2003 A.D. Deceased
Lieutenant Ryōshun Imagawa ? - 2990 A.D. Promoted
Co-Lieutenant Nanao Ise 2003 A.D. - ? Deceased
Co-Lieutenant Genshirō Okikiba 2003 A.D. - ? Deceased

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